Requirement Calendars - Board and Compliance Center

This help article will provide guidance on leveraging the Calendar tabs found in both Compliance and Board Center. The Calendar allows for a quick visual display of requirements to help users easily see what is due and when. The Compliance Center calendar is able to show all the requirements for all the entities in your Epicenter in the given month. The Board Center calendar only shows requirements for the board you have selected.
When you view a calendar in Epicenter, you will see multiple ways of displaying the requirements.

The first distinction is color (in Compliance Center):
  • Blue = Board Requirements
  • Green = School Requirements
  • Purple = Management Organization Requirements (will only be listed if you have requirements assigned to the Management Organizations). 

The second distinction is in style:
  •    Non-Highlighted Requirements are displaying requirements on their Due Dates.
  •  Highlighted Requirements  are displaying requirements on their Event Dates. (These only display if the Event Date is different from the Due Date.)

If you are looking at the calendar in Compliance Center and click on a requirement, you will see a list of the entities that are scheduled to submit it. If any entities have already satisfied the requirement, they will be displayed in strikethrough text.

If you are looking at the calendar in Compliance Center, you will also have options to filter which requirements are being displayed. You can filter by:
  • and 
If you want to reset your filters to their default settings, click the .

To download an ICS file so you can add the Epicenter requirements to your personal computer calendar for quick access, select the   button found in the lower left-hand corner of the page.

Import that calendar to your: Once the ICS file is imported to your calendar, you will be able to select the requirement links from your personal calendar.  You will be asked to sign into Epicenter to view any requirement you select.  Keep in mind that the requirements in your personal calendar are not syncing with Epicenter.  Therefore, if requirements change in Epicenter, those changes will not be reflected in your calendar. We recommend periodic calendar replacements to keep up with changing requirements.

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