How to Find Your Requirement After Satisfying It

You just submitted a compliance requirement in Epicenter using your Tasks Queue, but now you need to view it. Was there a typo in your file, and you want to replace it while it's in Edit Mode? Maybe you want to double-check it to ensure the requirement was fully satisfied. When you look at your Task Queue, you only see unsatisfied compliance requirement tasks. How can you find your submission?

Fortunately, Epicenter gives you three ways to quickly find your compliance submission:
  • Task Queue - You can access requirements completed in the past 14 days by filtering to the completed tasks view.
  • Compliance Center - You can access all completed and unsatisfied requirements.
  • Document Center - You can access all completed requirements and non-compliance submission uploads.

Task Queue
While you are in your Task Queue, you can switch to viewing your recently completed tasks instead of your tasks that are still due. To do so:
  1. While looking at the Tasks Queue, click the  filter.
  2. In the Other Options pop-up window, click the " Only display completed tasks" checkbox.
  3. Click .
This will give you a list of all the requirements that have been satisfied in the last 14 days. If your submission was more than 14 days ago, use either of the other two options.

Compliance Center
Compliance Center is the hub for all the scheduled requirements in Epicenter. To find your requirement:
  1. On the Home page, select  COMPLIANCE CENTER
  2. Click the  tab.
  3. Click on the  filter.
  4. Change the "From" and "through" dates to include your requirement's Due Date. (If you don't remember the Due Date, select a range that would include whenever the Due Date might have been.)
  5. Click .
Your requirement will display in the list. Click on it to view more details.

If you need to further refine the display to more easily find your submission, use the other filters.
  • If you know the submission type, you can use the  filter.
  • If you would like to only see satisfied requirements, you can use the  filter, uncheck the " Scheduled" checkbox, and click .

Document Center
Document Center is the digital file cabinet of Epicenter, storing all compliance AND non-compliance submissions. All Submissions uploaded to Epicenter can be searched for within  Document Center (as long as you have permissions to view the type of submission). Therefore, as soon as a submission is uploaded, even if it needs to go through Review and/or Approval, it can be found in Document Center. 

After selecting 
 DOCUMENT CENTER, you will have three areas that provide submission searches: Simple Search, Advanced Search, and Key Submissions.
Document Center

To Perform a Simple Search:
  1. Type at least one full word of the submission type name.
  2. Select your submission type from the auto-completed list.
  3. Optionally, you can filter the search by an entity the same way.
  4. Optionally, select the " Current and Complete Submissions Only" checkbox to reduce your search results to strictly the most recent upload that is complete (i.e. neither "Pending Review" nor "Pending Approval").
  5. Click "Search".
You will be brought to the Search Results page. You can use the FirstPreviousNext, and Last links to move from one page to another. If you select a submission's row, you will be brought to that submission's detail page.

Below is a video, showing you how to use the Simple Search:

To Perform an Advanced Search:
The Advanced Search allows you to use search criteria options to filter and locate the submissions. You will see a Search Criteria section in the left-hand panel of the page. You can proceed to the next search criteria option using
the button. You can also complete your search at any time by selecting the button. The following provides an overview of the Search Criteria options:
  1. Entities: The entities are grouped by organization and then by entity type. Select the icon next to your organization’s name to see a listing of the Entity Types. Then select the  icon next to each of the Entity Types to view the listing of Entities. You have to select an entity before you can advance or complete a search. *To access deactivated entities, select the " Display Deactivated Entities" checkbox.
  2. Submission Types: The submission types are first grouped by Organization, then Entity Type, and then Category. Select the  icon next to each of the various levels to expand its section. *To access deactivated submission types, select the " Display/Include Deactivated Submission Types" checkbox.
  3. Content: The search criteria options within this area are all optional. You can bypass this search filter (and each of the following ones) by selecting the  button
    1. Name: Submission Type name (i.e. School Calendar) or Filename (i.e. 2015-2016 School Calendar)
    2. Original Name: The filename of the original uploaded file
    3. Contains the words: Text contained within the documents themselves. Please note that it will not be able to search for text within image documents unless they have been OCRed.

  4. Timeframes: Based on the submission types selected, you will be presented with Defined Timeframes (i.e. school year) and/or Specific Dates (i.e. Expiration Date, Board Meeting Date, etc.) to select.

  5. Submitted Date and Status: This page allows you to search by the Submitted Date and/or the Submission Status. Submissions that have been rejected will not be included in the results unless the "Rejected" status is selected. 

  6. Sort Order: You can specify a Sort Order and you can also specify how many Results per Page you would like.

Once you select the button, you will be brought to the Search Results page. You can use the First, PreviousNext, and Last links to move from one page to another. NOTE: When selecting those links, it might take a few seconds for the results to display because the system is completing the search.

If you select a submission's row, you will be brought to that submission's detail page. 

From the Search Results page, you also have the ability to modify the search by selecting
the button or start a new search by selecting the button.
  1. – this option will take you back to the advanced search and all of your search criteria options will still be selected from your last search.

  2. – this option will take you back to advanced search but the search criteria options will be cleared. 

3. Key Submissions:
Key Submissions link is used to quickly view all submissions that have been flagged as “Key” by an Epicenter System Administrator. This search will return results for every entity to which you have access. Only the most recent submission for each Submission Type and Entity will be displayed.

If you are still having difficulty finding your submission, please contact the Epicenter Support Team: or 855-889-1624.

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