Downloading Files from Epicenter - Filename Structure

Epicenter has a system for renaming the file submissions when they are downloaded from Epicenter so you can easily determine which files are which as well as avoid duplicate filenames.  The downloaded filenames are limited to 254 characters (to accommodate Mac users who have a character limit on filenames).  The naming convention uses the pattern below:

  1. The filename template from the submission type. The system administrator from the licensing organization sets this filename template (limited to 120 characters). Typically, it will include the submission type name as well as any submission tags within the filename template.

  2. In parentheses: A random set of letters/numbers to ensure the filename is unique when downloading. Because Epicenter doesn't stop a user from uploading files that might result in the same filename when viewing in Epicenter, this unique set of letters/numbers needs to be added when downloading.

  3. In parentheses: The name of the entity for the file (in case you are downloading the same file from multiple entities)

    1. The words "the," "of," "and," and "for" are each replaced with a space.

    2. Only using the first 6 characters of each word (including spaces, commas, dots, colons, and semicolons). Since the filename is limited to 254 characters, it will only provide the number of characters until it reaches this limit.

  4. All special characters [?:\/*"<>|] are each replaced with a dash.

  5. The extension (e.g. .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .jpg, etc.) is added last.

Here is an example:
2017-10-26 Board Meeting Approved Minutes (SP70)(HopeAcadem).pdf
  • Filename Template = [[Date]] Board Meeting Approved Minutes
  • Random Letters/Numbers = (SP70)
  • Entity = Hope Academy
  • Extension = .pdf

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