How to Use Easy Exports

Epicenter Icon.jpg Epicenter Easy Export Download Arrow

You can leverage the power of Epicenter to quickly get the information you need by using the Easy Exports found throughout the various pages. These buttons allow you to download a CSV file of the details you have on your screen in just a few clicks!

The Easy Exports Download Arrow can be found in the locations listed below:


Board Center.png BOARD CENTER

Home > Board List
In Board Center, the Board List header contains an Easy Export: Board List Circled.png.
After selecting the export button, you will have access to download the following information:

  • Boards - Includes the board setup information for all the boards on the Board List page. You can include deactivated boards by selecting the Display deactivated boards checkbox found at the bottom of the page.

  • Board Members - Includes the contact and appointment information on all active board members.

  • Board Candidates - Includes the contact and pre-appointment information on all board candidates.

  • Board Appointment History - Includes the contact and board appointment history on all the active board members.

Home > Board List > Overview
If you select one of the boards from the list page, you will be brought to the Overview tab for that board.  

  • You will see an Export button next to the “Update” button. This will export the board seat and setup information for the board you have selected.

  • If a note has been written in the Notes section, you will see an Export button: Notes Circled.png.

Home > Board List > Board > Members
If you select the “Members” tab, you’ll see: Board Members Tab Circled.png
If you select the arrow, it expands to display exports for:

  • Board Members

  • Board Appointment History

If there are any Board Candidates, you will see an Export button there too: Board Candidates.png

Home > Board List > Board > Board Member (or Board Candidate)
If you select a member of the board or a board candidate, you will see two arrows:

Board Member Circled.png

  • The arrow in the Contact Information section header will give you a CSV file of the person’s contact information.

  • The arrow in the upper-right will give you the Board Members export for this board member alone, including both the person’s contact information and his/her details as a board member.

At the bottom of the page, you can also export the notes (if any have been written), using the Notes Circled.pngExport button.


Management Center.png MANAGEMENT CENTER
Home > Management Organization List
In Management Center, the first section header has: MO List Circled.png.
Select the arrow to expand it and display the following Exports:

  • Management Organizations - Includes the management organization setup information for all organizations on the list.

  • Management Organization Contacts - Includes all the information on the management organization’s contacts.

  • Schools - Includes all the school setup information regarding the schools being serviced by a management organization.

  • School Contacts - Includes all the school contacts for the schools being serviced by a management organization.

  • Management Organization School Links - Includes the management organization and the school’s being serviced.  It will include all the information found in the Management Organization section of the Operations tab of School Center.

Home > Management Organization List > Management Organization Detail
If you click on a management organization from the list, you will see multiple Exports on its detail page:

  • MO Detail Overview.png

  • MO Detail Contacts.png

  • MO Detail Schools Serviced.png This drop-down has multiple exports:

    • Schools

    • School Contacts

    • Management Organization School Links

  • Notes Circled.png   [only if any notes have been written]


School Center.png SCHOOL CENTER
Home > School List
In School Center, the first section header has: School List.png
Select the arrow to expand it and display the following reports:

  • Schools - Includes the school setup information for all the schools that are displayed on the School List page. Therefore, if you have filtered the school list, only the information for those schools will be included in the export.  You can include deactivated schools by selecting the Display deactivated schools checkbox found at the bottom of the page.

  • School Contacts - Basic information of all contacts at all schools

Home > School List > School
If you click on a school, you will be brought to the school’s “Overview” tab. Here you will see multiple export buttons:

  • [only for school systems who have separate buildings/campuses]

  • [only for schools that are linked to a board]

  • [only if a management organization is connected to this school]

  • [only if any notes have been written]‚Äč

Home > School List > School > Contacts
If you click on the Contacts tab, you will see these exports:

  • School System Contacts:

  • Individual Building/Campus Contacts: School Contacts - Building.png

  • Board Members: [only if the school is linked to the board and the board has members set up in Board Center]

Home > School List > School > Operations
The “Operations” tab has the following export button:


Compliance Center.png COMPLIANCE CENTER
Home > Compliance Statistics
When you enter Compliance Center, you will begin on the “Statistics” tab, where you can export all of the statistical information:

Compliance Statistics.png


Home > Compliance Summary
You can also export the “Summary” tab information:

Compliance Summary.png


Home > Compliance Detail
And the “Detail” tab information:

Compliance Detail.png


Home > Compliance Status
And the “Status” tab information:

Compliance Status.png


Document Center.png DOCUMENT CENTER
Home > Document Center > Search Results
You can export the information from your searches in Document Center: Search Results.png.


Home > My Tasks and Alerts
You can export your Task Queue:

Task Queue.png



Easy_Exports.pdf Easy_Exports.pdf

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