Export Epicenter Calendar to Google Calendar

If you would like to export your Epicenter Calendar to your Google Calendar*, you can follow the steps below:

*This is a static export. Whatever you export from Epicenter will not update in Google if it is changed within Epicenter after you export it.

Step 1: Create a new Calendar in Google
  1. In Google Calendar, click the + icon below the mini calendar.
  2. Select "New calendar."
  3. In the New Calendar details screen, fill in the details and select Create Calendar.
  • Your Calendar will be added to your "My Calendars" section on the left. Stay on this page.

Step 2: Export from Epicenter
  1. In a different browser tab, go to  COMPLIANCE CENTER
  2. Click on the  Tab
  3. Click the filter reset icon: 
  4. Adjust your filters (if you want to filter anything out of your export--e.g. if you want to create individual calendars for different categories like "financials").
  5. Select the Export button at the bottom of the screen.
  • This will export the calendar as an ICS file to your downloads folder on your computer.  The file will be called "calendar.ics."

Step 3: Import your file into your Google Calendar
  1. Back on your Google Calendar tab, click "Import & export."
  2. Select your file, choose the appropriate calendar and click "Import."
  3. Return to your calendar by clicking the arrow.
  • You will now see events on your Google Calendar that coincide with the exported requirements in Epicenter.

Modify Calendar Options
  • If you select the tricolon (⁝) icon, you will be able to adjust the color and other settings for this calendar.

  • Clicking "Settings and sharing" will return you to the Settings page, where you created this calendar and imported the ICS file. You can also adjust a number of options for this calendar.

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