Providing Unique Submission Resources to Individual Compliance Requirements

Do you need to provide a unique resource (template, form, guide) for an individual entity (school, board, etc.) on a compliance requirement? For example, you need to fill out part of the Renewal Application template for each individual school. No problem! You can assign a customized entity-specific resource for each school.

If you have scheduled a requirement and need to add an individual resource for any or all of those entities, follow the steps below.
  1. On the Home page, select  COMPLIANCE CENTER
  2. In Compliance Center, select the  tab
  3. Locate the requirement to which you wish to attach an entity-specific resource, and click the requirement's edit icon 
  4. This might require you to use the filters and/or expand () a collection.
  5. On the Compliance Master page, scroll down to the Individual Entity Requirement Adjustments section
  6. Find the entity to which you wish to attach the resource, and click on the entity's edit icon 
  7. On that entity's Single Entity Adjustment page, in the "Resources" line, click Add resource files
  8. Select the file from your computer.
  9. On the Submission Resources pop-up window, you can change the title of the file if you wish.
  10. Click 
  11. You'll now see the filename listed in the "Resources" line.
  12. Click  at the bottom of the Single Entity Adjustment page. (You must save here in order to apply the file to your entity.)
Once you have saved your entity-specific resource, you will return to the Compliance Master page, where you can scroll back down to the Individual Entity Requirement Adjustments section and see that the entity to which you added the entity-specific resource now has a paperclip icon () denoting that the entity has an entity-specific resource.

When the responsible submitter opens their compliance requirement task, they will be able to view and download the resource.  Once the requirement is completed, the Submission Detail page will provide a link to the entity-specific resources.  Note: If a resource is attached at the submission type level, those resources will not be provided on the Submission Detail page of the completed requirement.  This is because submission type resources can be changed over time.

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