Cleaning Up Past Due Requirements

If your schools/boards have any past due requirements, the dashboard on the tab in  Compliance Center will let you know. To view a list of which requirements are past due, click on the blue area of the "Past Due" donut chart. This will take you to a  tab list of all the past due requirements. Next, we recommended completing the following:
  • Follow up with the responsible area to determine why the requirements have not been submitted. Some reasons might include: 
    • Entity is not required to submit the requirement (possibly the entity has since been deactivated)
    • Responsible user is unsure of how to submit the requirement
      • User changes
      • Training issue
  • If the responsible entity will not be submitting the requirement, you can:
    • Forgive the requirement (this makes the requirement no longer due for the entity, but still shows that the entity was originally scheduled to submit it):
      • From the  tab, select the  icon for the requirement.
      • On the Single Entity Adjustment page, check the " Forgiven" checkbox.
      • You might also want to write a note in the Notes area explaining why you are forgiving the requirement (only users with the permissions to edit requirements will see this note)
    • Delete the requirement (only if no entities will be submitting it):
      • From the  tab, select the  icon for the requirement.
      • On the Single Entity Adjustment page, select the  button.
      • On the Compliance Master page, click the  button.
    • or Exclude the entity from the requirement (makes it appear as though the entity was never scheduled for the requirement):
      • From the tab, select the  icon for the requirement
      • On the Single Entity Adjustment page, select the button
      • On the Compliance Master page, scroll down to the Individual Entity Requirement Adjustments section and click the entity's  icon.

 *Note: the statistics default to only showing the current school year. If you might have unsatisfied requirements from previous school years, you can have the tab display those results, too:
  1. On the  tab, click the  filter

  2. Select the "Return past due outside of selected dates " checkbox.

  3. Click .

  4. The statistics now include all past-due requirements (not just those from this school year).

  5. To see a list of them, click on the blue portion of the Past Due donut chart.

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